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Windows launch at Knit Nation

The Windows version of the StitchMastery Knitting Chart Editor will be available for purchase here from 14th July 2011. This launch is to coincide with Knit Nation 2011 that takes place in London 14-17 July.

I will be at Knit Nation in the Marketplace and will have both Windows and Mac versions available for visitors to play with so, if you will be at Knit Nation, please drop by and say hello.

A free demo of the Windows version will be available for download from this website. The cost of the Knitting Chart Editor is £60.

If you are a Mac user and I know that some of you have been waiting very patiently, there will be a Mac version available as soon as possible, likely to be August but I will keep you posted.

Basically I ran into problems getting all the different versions packaged up nicely in the way and really wanted to be able to offer something tangible at Knit Nation so I have decided the stagger the launch.

The documentation, that is help files and user manual, have also taken me much longer to write that I thought they would. Frankly they are still a work in progress. However I have 2 weeks to go so will be updating them as much as I can. As soon as I recover from Knit Nation I will be back to work on them…..

In recognition of the fact that the documentation probably definitely will not be finished by 14th July I am offering a £6 discount to all those buying before the end of July. Thus the price for early birds is £54. This discount will be in addition to discounts already sent to early purchasers of the StitchMastery Knitting Fonts Collection.

And, just to be fair to Mac users, I will also offer a similar discount on the Mac version when that is finally launched , to say thank you for being patient with me.

Any questions, please email me via the contact page here or there is also a StitchMastery group on Ravelry here. You will need to be a Ravelry member to join but, hey Ravelry is free and rather wonderful..

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