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Borders and Repeats – tutorial from Joeli Kelly

We’re delighted to share another Stitchmastery tutorial from Joeli Kelly of

“In this post we are going to talk about borders and repeats.

To create a repeat, the first thing you’re going to do is select the stitches you want to place in the repeat. You can just click one stitch, hold shift, click the second one and it selects everything in that box. Then you go up to the menu, click “repeat” and then “place stitches in selection into a repeat”.

Then you select how you want the repeat to appear in the written — whether you want round brackets or an asterisk, and how many times the repeat is worked. This also where you can choose to add a border to the repeat.

To edit the border you click on it in the key, go up to the menu and click “border”, then “edit border properties” and this is where you can change the name, you can change which sides it appears on and you can change the colour. You can also change the line style to make it thicker or thinner.

You can see that there is also an option to move the border inwards or outwards. Why would you want to do that apart from just aesthetics? Let’s say that you have two different pattern repeats that touch.

You can see what happens where the blue line and the red line meet — the red line has completely disappeared. So if we move the top line inwards on the red border and the bottom line inwards on the blue border you now have two distinct lines.

For irregularly shaped repeats you can first make the repeat/border as shown above. Then select the stitches that shouldn’t be in the repeat and go to “border” then “remove border from selected stitches”.

Then select the stitches that should be in the repeat and add the border to them.

Make sure that you also change the pattern repeat! Changing the border changes what we see on the chart, but you need to change the repeat to change what you see in the written. To do that, select the current repeat (in this case it would be stitches 3 through 13) and click the “remove all repeats from stitches in selection” option in the menu. Then select the right stitches (7 through 15) and add a new repeat as before.

Hope that’s helpful!”




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