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Update for MacOS users – good news!

In November, Apple released Big Sur, the new Mac operating system, and there were several compatibility issues meaning Stitchmastery would not run properly. Cathy has been working on a Stitchmastery software update to solve these issues along with a couple of other tweaks, and this will be available for our three platforms soon (macOS, Windows and Linux).

However, Apple have now released an update to Big Sur – version 11.2.1 – and Stitchmastery 3.1.0 seems to run almost perfectly on this new version of Big Sur – phew! We have asked several people to test this for us and for the most part, all seems well. 

There is one minor issue we’ve encountered, whereby charts get stretched/skewed if you drag down the panel underneath the chart (the Outline View and Output Text panels). We will work on fixing this for the next update of Stitchmastery, but in the meantime, clicking on the chart itself will trigger Stitchmastery to redraw it properly. 

If you’d like to try it, we recommend backing up your machine (backing-up tips here), updating Big Sur to at least version 11.2.1, and then run Stitchmastery version 3.1.0. If you need to update your Stitchmastery software, you can download version 3.1.0 from our downloads page.

We’ll post again when the Stitchmastery update is available. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us via our help centre or using the Contact Us form on our Support page.

Alert for macOS users

Updated 20 Jan to add more suggested work-arounds. Updated 24 Feb to correct typo (missing “1” from list). Apple released Big Sur, the new Mac operating system, last week, and we’ve discovered several compatibility issues which means Stitchmastery won’t run properly on that system. It will take us a wee while to work out theContinue Reading

Stitchmastery Version 3.1.0

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Helping with translations

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Stitchmastery Version 3.0.2

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Stitchmastery Version 3.0.1

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Stitchmastery Version 3 is now available

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Customising the appearance of your stitches in Stitchmastery Version 3

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Creating your own User Stitch Libraries in Stitchmastery Version 3

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Migrating User Stitch Libraries from V2 to V3, and Opening V2 charts in V3

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