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Creating your own User Stitch Libraries in Stitchmastery Version 3

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This video explains how to create your own user stitch library in Stitchmastery Version 3. Stitchmastery comes pre-loaded with two default Stitchmastery libraries (also available in German and Danish) which contain many stitches. As you may know, it is not possible to edit these default libraries, so if you want to customise the appearance of a stitch, you need to have your own user stitch library.

Firstly, open Preferences. On Windows, this can be found under Tools in the main menu bar, and on Mac it appears under the Stitchmastery menu in the top left corner.

When you open Preferences, you may need to click the small blue arrow to access the drop-down menu under Stitchmastery.

Choose Stitch Libraries and you’ll see the 6 default Stitch libraries (including the German and Danish versions). You will use one of these as the basis for your user stitch library – select one by clicking on it and then click Extend.

The “Create new User Stitch Library” dialog will appear. Here you can set the name, description and location of your library. When you’re happy, click Apply & Close.

Stitchmastery will now open your Stitch Library – you can check the Name information at the top to see this is your user stitch library.

For the purposes of the tutorial, I very quickly edit the appearance of the YO stitch which appeared in my initial chart. You can view a tutorial on customising stitches here – if you are unsure about how to do this. When I’m happy with the new appearance and have returned to the Stitch Library, I click OK.

Stitchmastery then returns to the Preferences dialog and you can see that my user stitch library now appears under the User Libraries (V3) tab. Click Apply & Close.

Stitchmastery returns you to the chart and you’ll see that nothing has changed – this is because Stitchmastery is still using the default Stitchmastery library and you need to tell it you want to use your new user stitch library.

Click Diagram and Edit Diagram Properties. Open the Stitch Libraries and Text Templates tab, and select your user library from the drop-down menu. If you have changed the name or description of any stitches you may also want to click “Refresh Text in Key”.

Click OK and when Stitchmastery returns you to your chart, it will now be using your user stitch library. In the example, you can see that my YOs have the new appearance and Stitchmastery is using my user stitch library.

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