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Documentation for Knitting Fonts Collection now available online

The Knitting Fonts Collection always has been well documented.

Each of the 6 fonts has its own PDF file documenting all the characters available. Then a further file gives details of how to use them.

These are distributed with the fonts but, for some strange reason, it never occurred to me to make them publicly available, until now…..

So, whether you are already a StitchMastery font convert and have no idea where your own copies of the PDF files are, or whether you are just curious to see what all the fuss is about, the PDF files can be viewed here;-

Using the StitchMastery Fonts.pdf – start off with this one.
StitchMastery Dot.pdf
StitchMastery DotCable.pdf
StitchMastery DotCableEH.pdf
StitchMastery Dash.pdf
StitchMastery DashCable.pdf
StitchMastery DashCableEH.pdf


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