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Knitting Font Collection

The Knitting Font Collection is made available to support the knitting community. If you enjoy using them please consider making a donation at our Ko-fi page



This collection of specialist knitting fonts were originally created in 2011 when the first version of the Stitchmastery software was developed. The symbols in early versions of Stitchmastery were based on fonts.

The symbols in the latest version of Stitchmastery are now based on vector (SVG) images. However, these fonts are still very useful if you wish to create knitting charts using software other than Stitchmastery. As a gift to the knitting community these are now available for free. 

Note that the fonts are no longer being updated and no new symbols will be added to them.

Installing the Knitting Font Collection

Mac OS X

The downloaded file is a Mac OS X installer called FontInstaller_1.01.pkg. Once the download is complete, double click on the file to start the installation. You will be prompted to agree to the End User Licence Agreement.
Click Agree to continue.


The downloaded file is a Windows installer called KnittingFontsCollection_install.exe. Once the download is complete, double click on the file to open the installation dialog that will guide you through the install.

Note: the file should have the name KnittingFontsCollection_install.exe but some browsers remove the .exe file extension. If this happens Windows will not properly recognise the file as an installer and will ask a question like ‘What program shall I open this file with?’.
The solution is to rename the file so that it does have a .exe file extension.


The downloaded file is a zip file called Once the download is complete, unzip the downloaded file. Double clicking on each font file should install it to your Linux system.


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