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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about buying and installing Stitchmastery
Questions about using Stitchmastery
Questions about the Knitting Font Collection

Questions about buying and installing Stitchmastery

How much does it cost and what payment options are there?

Anyone can download Stitchmastery from our Downloads page and it runs in free demo mode until you activate it. At the moment, Stitchmastery costs £60 for an Activation Key which can be used on two computers, and gives lifetime access. Future upgrades may incur a further cost. The payment options are credit/debit card via Stripe or PayPal.

I bought a Stitchmastery Activation Key but have not yet received an email.

Once payment is completed via Paypal or Stripe, you should receive an email with details of your purchase and with your Activation Key. You can also log on to your account on the Stitchmastery site to view your Activation Key. Emails usually take up to 5-10 minutes to be sent. If you still have not received an email after this time, please check your Spam/Junk folders. If you still cannot find an email from Stitchmastery, then please contact with details of your purchase, including the product purchased, your email address and purchase date and we will check it out.

When I click on the downloaded file I get a message asking me what program to open it with. What does that mean?

On a macOS system the downloaded file is an installer file with either a .pkg file extension (Knitting Font Collection) or a .dmg file extension (Stitchmastery). Double clicking on it will start an installation dialog. No problems have been reported on macOS systems.

On a Windows system the file should have a .exe file extension. However, some browsers manage to lose the .exe file extension and Windows does not realise that it is an installer. The solution is to rename the file to add a .exe file extension. Once the file has been renamed, double clicking on it will start an installation dialog.

On a Linux system, the downloaded file is a zip file. To install, simply unzip into the chosen folder.

Installing Stitchmastery

For details of how to install Stitchmastery, please read the first chapter of the Stitchmastery User Manual which gives step-by-step instructions – you can find the latest User Manual at the top left of the Support page.

I have upgraded my computer and need to reinstall Stitchmastery. How do I do that?

You can download a copy of the software from our Downloads page. To activate the software, you can reuse your Activation Key. The activation key is valid for a limited number of activations. If the software fails to activate then this is likely because all of the activations have been used. Contact with details of your Activation Key and/or purchase details so that the number of activations for your key can be increased.

I currently have a Windows machine but am considering buying a macOS machine. How do I get Stitchmastery on to the new machine? Do I need to purchase a second copy?

The End User Licence Agreement for the software allows you to run it on any 2 machines at a time. They can be different operating systems. As long as you are not running Stitchmastery on more than 2 machines at any time there is no need to purchase a second copy. You can install the software at any time on your new machine by downloading it from our Downloads page. Then use your original activation key to activate the software. All Activation Keys work on any operating system.

How do I upgrade the software from a previous version?

Please read the article here which explains what to do:

My Activation Key won’t work in Stitchmastery Version 3

Have you bought a Version 3 Activation Key? Older Activation Keys will not work in Stitchmastery Version 3. You can get one for free if you have previously activated Stitchmastery – go to our website Shop page, add the Stitchmastery Version 3 Activation Key to your basket, and add your old Activation Key as a coupon code at the checkout. You need to put in all numbers/letters, hyphens or dashes, exactly as they appear. This will make the price of the new Activation Key £0. Read more about how to do this here:

I can’t find my Activation Key

If you have bought a Version 3 Activation Key, you will have been prompted to create an account on our website – you can log in here with the password you set and view your Activation Key.  If you have lost an Activation Key that was for Version 2 or earlier, please email us with as many details as possible about your purchase (ie date, email address used, name the purchase was under, etc) to help us find it on the system and provide you with your key.

If I buy Stitchmastery do I need to install the Stitchmastery Knitting Font Collection?

No, Stitchmastery works without the fonts being installed.

Questions about using Stitchmastery

I just created a custom stitch but I can’t find it in my palette to put into my chart. Help!

Have you told Stitchmastery you want to change libraries for this chart? Go to Diagram and Edit Diagram Properties, select the Stitch Library and Text Templates tab and use the drop-down menu to select your User Stitch Library. If you have changed the abbreviation or description for any stitches already in your chart you should also tick the “Refresh text in key” option, then hit OK. You should then be able to see your customised stitches in the palette, in whichever drawer you saved them in. For more info on this please read “Setting a stitch library as the ‘active’ stitch library” in the “Viewing and editing stitch libraries” section in the User Manual.

Where did my files go? Why can I only open the last four files?

This article should help:  The file names that appear under the File/Stitchmastery menu are not the only files available – they are simply the most recent files you have opened. You can change the number of files which appear here in Preferences – this video shows how:

How do I print my chart?

Stitchmastery is not set up to send charts directly to print. You need to export the chart as an image file – various file types are supported including PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG and EPS.  Then open the image in a photo viewer or the program you will use to set up your pattern layout. This tutorial explains how to export an image:

Instead of a purl dot, there is a letter “p” – what am I doing wrong?

This is an issue with older versions of Stitchmastery on macOS.  If you don’t want to upgrade to the latest version of the software, please email us and we will send a fix.

I want to make a chart that has changing stitch counts. How do I do that?

There are two approaches – you can either start by making a chart that is as wide as your widest row, and add in “no stitch” symbols alongside the narrower rows, or you can make the chart the width of your narrowest row and use the insert tools to add more columns. There are a few articles on our blog which explore the use of the “no stitch” symbols – and how to hide them: This video shows how to use the insert tools to add more columns:

Questions about the Stitchmastery Knitting Font Collection

Which software programs can I use the Stitchmastery Knitting Font Collection with?

The Stitchmastery Knitting Font Collection are all standard truetype fonts and are available to any software that would like to use them as system fonts. This includes Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Illustrator, InDesign, Scribus, WordPad or AutoCad.

Installing and using the Knitting Font Collection

For details of how to install and use the Knitting Font Collection, visit the Fonts page.

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