Visual Design Editor

Easily create charts using the Drawing and Painting tools.

The Mirroring tool handles stitches that have a left / right bias such as cables and decreases.

Hide 'no stitch' areas to create irregular shaped charts for shawls and hats.

Annotating repeated stitches

If a chart has repeated stitches, then annotations displaying the number of stitches can make a chart faster and easier to read.

Stitchmastery has the ability to detect these repeated stitches and automatically annotate them.

Hundreds of Stitches

Hundreds of predefined stitches including 150+ cables, Estonian stitches, Brioche, Beading and Twined stitches.

Customise existing stitches or add new ones.

Create multiple stitch libraries and swap between them.

Customise charts and key

Edit the fonts and colours used by any chart element.

Directly edit any key, row or column text to create custom text.

Selectively hide row and column labels or add heavier grid lines every ? rows or columns.

Written Instructions automatically created

As you edit the chart, written instructions are created.

Templates can be used to customise the output so that the written output is just the way that you want it, even in a foreign language!

For example,  k2, knit 2 or 2 rechts are all possible ways of writing the same thing.

Support for Repeats

When generating written output, Stitchmastery always condenses instructions. E.g., a 16 stitch chart row of k2, p2 is written as (k2, p2) x 4.

In addition, repeats can be explicitly added to a chart so that a chart 9 stitches wide can be output as ssk, yo, (k2tog, yo, k3, k2tog, yo) 5 times.

Validating Charts

Have you ever missed out a yarn over or added the wrong kind of decrease to a chart?

Let Stitchmastery be an extra set of eyes. It tracks how many stitches are needed by each row. If these do not match the number left after the previous row, Stitchmastery warns you so that you can double check your chart.


Stitchmastery runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9 & 10), macOS (Lion to Catalina) and Linux (officially supported on Ubuntu only). Stitchmastery runs on 64 bit systems only. Support for 32 bit systems is no longer provided.

Chart images can be output in vector format (svg, pdf and eps) for razor sharp images as well as bitmapped formats (png and jpg).

We've adopted StitchMastery as the official charting software here at Knitty. That should say a lot.    ...

I love that the legend is fully editable and customizable, so that if I want to add some extra detail to a stitch description, I can.   ...

Easy to use, flexible, powerful and affordable. We love it. 

  Kate Atherley Technical Editor of Knitty - via Knitty review

I use @Stitchmastery for all my charts (whether it's lace, cables or stranded colourwork). Brilliant charting software! 

  Anniken Allis, Designer - via Twitter

Another very happy Stitch Mastery user here. The program is fantastic, support is way beyond expectation and funkyorange [Cathy] is actively developing the software. 

   Luise O'Neill, Designer - via Ravelry

Stitchmastery. It creates beautiful, clear charts; it’s intuitive; and tech support is excellent.

  Julia Trice, Designer - via Ravelry

I am madly in love with StitchMastery and currently use it for all my charts and written instructions. It does so much - more than I dreamed a charting software could do.

  Nina Machlin Dayton, Designer - via Ravelry