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Interview series 20 – Paula Pereira

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Photo of a woman sitting at a table and leaning forward. She smiles to the camera.
In 2017 we ran a survey of Stitchmastery users and one response particularly caught our imagination – someone told us they would like to hear from other Stitchmastery users and how they make use of the software. We’re delighted to bring you a series of interviews with designers, tech editors, magazine editors and teachers – we hope you enjoy reading them!

Interviewee – Paula Pereira

1) When did you start designing? Could you give us a potted history of your knitty and designing background?

I learned to knit in 2007/2008, while I was living in Vancouver, BC to complete a Yoga Teacher Training! On my way to the classes, there was this beautiful knitting store, Urban Yarns and I was attracted by the windows with all the beautiful knits! Lucky me, my first teacher was Sivia Harding! She generously taught me not only how to knit, but mostly how truly appreciate with this craft!
Photo of a woman wearing a jumper with colourwork yoke and wrists. She stands next to a very tall cactus.

Yabel by Paula Pereira

2) Do you have any recurring sources of inspiration or unusual muses for your design work?

My inspiration is us, human beings. I like to see what people are creating in arts, music, dance, fashion, what lifts up people’s spirits, colors, architecture, nature, lifestyle for certain places, all this as a macro scoop. Focusing on hand knitting, I’m totally mindful of what styles and constructions people feel happy to wear, what yarn dyers and yarn brands are creating. Then I go to my “lab” and start experimenting!
Photo of a woman wearing a black sweater with bobble details and balloon sleeves. She looks down to the ground as she walks down a flight of stairs between two tall hedges.

Yullana by Paula Pereira

3) When you have an idea, do you always work to a set workflow (eg swatch-knit-chart / chart first then knit) or does your approach change with each design?

My workflow starts with charts, testing and modifying stitches, motifs or shape and finishing of a garment or an accessory. I never swatch from a stitch book or out of nothing. Charts (even if I don’t use them on the final pattern), helped me a lot to organize my ideas and make them possible. When this part is done, I write the whole pattern and them I start knitting the sample, sometimes making a little modifications here and there.


4) What made you choose to use Stitchmastery? Is there a particular feature you use most regularly or couldn’t do without? And is there anything you wish Stitchmastery could do?

I don’t remember who said that, but I always had in my mind the idea that Stitchmastery was the best software for knitting. When I feel that I was ready to submit my designs, I made the investment. I use Stitchmastery everyday. It is how I organize my ideas and put them in action. Recently I created a sweater with some crochet stitches together. It would be great to have some crochet stitches on Stitchmastery! Or a tool to draw lines and create them.
Photo of a woman wearing a jumper with stripey textured yoke, and denim dungarees. One of the shoulder straps is unfastened.

Aglae by Paula Pereira

5) Please tell us about your latest publication or next exciting project!

I’m so excited about 2020! I had the honor and pure joy to be part of Laine’s new (and epic) book ”52 Weeks of Socks”. This is my very first pair of socks! I have a few surprises on amazing publications along the year and also exciting collaborations on the way! We are in the end of February and I already finished 3 sweaters and working on the 4th! So exciting!


You can find Paula on Instagram as @PaulaPKL, on Twitter as @PaulaPKL, on Facebook as PaulaPereiraKnits and Ravelry as @PaulaPereira. Her website is

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