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Irregular shaped charts? No problem!

I have been asked if the StitchMastery Knitting Chart Editor can produced irregularly shaped charts.

The answer is yes! You can add ‘no stitches’ anywhere on the chart and then have these ‘hidden’ . If the no stitches are at an edge of the chart where is a row number, the row number moves accordingly so that the user can easily see which row number goes with which row of stitches.

Below are links to a couple of examples.

The column numbers can be added to either the top of the chart, the bottom of the chart, both the top and bottom or neither. Hence, in these examples, the location of the column numbers has been set appropriately.

Water Lily Chart – a beautiful Estonian lace motif

Irregular Chart – a very simple example of an irregular chart showing how a triangular can be charted

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