Knitmastery app now available – Giveaway!

We’re delighted to announce that Knitmastery is now available for free from the iOS App Store!

To celebrate, we’re running a giveaway – find out more at

Here’s a hint of the prizes available…














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2 thoughts on “Knitmastery app now available – Giveaway!”

  1. I installed Stitchmastery on my Mac and Knitmastery on my iPad.
    Now… I have a pattern in Knitmastery that I bought but can’t transfer it to Stitchmastery.

    Can I do that? If so… How?

  2. Hello, no this is not possible.

    The Knitmastery app runs specially converted files, and these files can only be run in Knitmastery, for interactive knitting. At the moment the conversion of patterns is done manually by our team, although we investigating an additional tool in Stitchmastery to allow designers to output their patterns in the Knitmastery interactive format. The Knitmastery app is only available for ipad/iphone just now, although we will have an Android version in future. We don’t currently have plans to create a version to use on laptop/desktop.

    Stitchmastery is our chart editing software for use in designing your own charts. The files you create are knt2 files and can only be opened in Stitchmastery (but it is possible to export your charts in a number of different formats. Stitchmastery runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. We don’t have an app version for this as we would have to rewrite the entire programme.

    I’m not sure on what it is you are trying to do? We don’t encourage people to open other designers’ chart files in Stitchmastery (unless they have an agreement for tech editing etc). If you want to view a knitting pattern on your laptop/desktop screen I’m afraid that’s not possible with Knitmastery and would recommend buying a PDF of the pattern from the designer – most if not all of the Knitmastery designs in our store are also available on Ravelry as PDF, some are also sold through other pattern retailers. We do specifically state on the purchase page that Knitmastery patterns can only be viewed in the Knitmastery app. Hope that helps!

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