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Knitting chart samples

Knitting chart screengrab with lattice work

If you would like to see more of my charts and font images visit my scribd account at to see samples of knitting charts and the StitchMastery fonts in action. I will post all the images that you see here – and more – on scribd.

The lattice work chart in this post shows one of the cable fonts in action. Each individual font character is the width of the number of stitches involved. In this case a 1/2 RC cable means that 1 stitch is crossed to the Right over 2 stitches. Likewise a 1/2 LC means that 1 stitch is crossed to the Left over 2 stitches. Hence each cable involves 3 stitches and the font character is the width of 3 cells in the chart. If you were using OpenOffice Calc to chart this pattern you would merge 3 cells together to fit the cable character in.

I am currently using this stitch pattern to knit a pair of socks – photos soon!

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