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Stitchmastery Version 3.0.2

We’re pleased to let you know we have released an updated version of Stitchmastery – Version 3.0.2.

This version has the following changes:
– fix for bug that affected users with a machine set to a language other than English which prevented them editing stitch symbols
– fix for bug that meant that stitches did not look correct when exported to SVG and imported into Word. The same bug also affected any users attempting to export to svg and then import into Scribus.
– fixed the bug that meant dragging to reorder key entries was finicky and took a lot of patience to get working. It now works great! Apologies that this took so long.
– fixed the bug that meant that edits to Workspace Options in Preferences were not saved.
– if running Stitchmastery in demo mode, an option to Activate without having to restart the software is now available. This can be found at Tools > Activate and is particularly useful if you have created a chart in demo mode and then purchased an Activation Key and do not want to have to lose the chart in order to activate.

Changes necessary to the Stitchmastery code to fix the first two bugs means that if you have either migrated libraries or edited stitch symbols in version 3.0.0 / 3.0.1 then you will need re-migrate your library or re-do the edits when you open Version 3.0.2 . I apologise for this. Although the svg that Stitchmastery exported in 3.0.0 / 3.0.1 was perfectly correct svg, it contained features that Word and Scribus did not support.

To upgrade to Version 3.0.2 and to buy a Version 3 Activation Key if you have not already done so (upgrading is free for existing customers), please follow the instructions in our previous blog post:

If you have already upgraded to Version 3 you don’t need to buy a new Activation Key, your Version 3 one will work in Version 3.0.2. If you have misplaced the email containing your key, you can log into your Stitchmastery account to check it.

Please note that we highly recommend ensuring your Stitchmastery chart files (.knt2) and library files (.smlib), along with any exported images or text, are not stored in the Stitchmastery folder which contains the application, icon, configurations folder, etc. This is because the uninstaller may delete the Stitchmastery folder and all it contains – you should save your working files in a separate folder. We also highly recommend backing up your computer before making any changes to software.

Other known issues in Version 3 which are not fixed in this update;-
– help menu files not appearing on macOS – in the meantime please see our User Manual on the Support page of our website
– Stitchmastery behaving slowly when editing large charts
We are working on these issues and will issue another update once they are solved.

As ever, if you have any problems, please do check our Ravelry discussion board to see if the query has already been answered, visit the Support page on our website, or email us

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