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Stitchmastery Version 3.1.0

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We’re pleased to let you know we have released an updated version of Stitchmastery – Version 3.1.0 can be downloaded from here.

This version has the following changes:

* Fixed issue with Edit Diagram Dialog so that colour of the font for annotations can be changed without also having to change the font.
* Fixed refresh issue with stitches in chart which were not being updated when a Yarn colour was edited.
* Fixed refresh issue when the grid width or grid height were updated.
* Added keystroke shortcut for macOS which was missing.
* Added two new symbol sets for symbols commonly used in Estonian knitting patterns. The new symbols sets are called Stitchmastery Estonian and Stitchmastery EstonianCable and can be used alongside other symbol sets.
* Added 16, 18 and 24 stitch wide cable symbols to the Stitchmastery DotCableEH and Stitchmastery DashCableEH symbol sets.
* Added some symbols for machine knitting to the Stitchmastery DotCable and Stitchmastery DashCable symbol sets. The new symbols represent moving stitches across needle bed or between needle beds.
*The Edit Stitch Appearance dialog now scales down the stitch editing canvas to fit onto the dialog. This is especially useful when editing a very wide stitch.
* The system stitch definition for 2/2 LPC has been fixed so that its mirror stitch is 2/2 RPC. Note this issue has been in Stitchmastery since 2011!!
* Fixed issue with generating written instructions where a repeat was not being found.
* Renamed the feature ‘Flip Selection Horizontally’ to ‘Flip Selection on Horizontal Axis’ to remove ambiguity.
* Renamed the feature ‘Flip Selection Vertically’ to ‘Flip Selection on Vertical Axis’ to remove ambiguity.

To view the symbol sets visit

If you are already running Version 3 (3.0.1 or 3.0.2) fully activated (ie you don’t see “Demo” in the drawing area and are able to save/export charts) you do NOT need to buy a new Activation key. Just download the new version of software and input your existing Version 3 key if prompted. If you have misplaced the email containing your key, you can log into your Stitchmastery account to check it – follow the My Account link at the bottom of the website.

If you are currently running version 1 or version 2 fully activated, you will need to buy a Version 3 Activation Key if you want the full mode (this is free for existing customers) – please add the key to your cart (via our Shop page) and then put your V1 or V2 activation key in the Coupon Code section. This should set the price to £0. If you have any problem with the coupon code or can’t find your V1 or V2 activation key, please email support [at] with as may details as possible (eg email address used to purchase, payment method, rough date of purchase) so that we can identify your purchase and send you the code. Once you have a Version 3 Activation Key, download the software and you’ll be prompted for your key when you have installed it.

If you have never bought a full activation, you can download the new version of the software from the link above and it will run in demo mode.

Please note that we highly recommend ensuring your Stitchmastery chart files (.knt2) and library files (.smlib), along with any exported images or text, are not stored in the Stitchmastery folder which contains the application, icon, configurations folder, etc. This is because the uninstaller in the updated version may delete the Stitchmastery folder and all it contains – you should save your working files in a separate folder. If you want to keep your previous version of the software, use the New Folder option when running the download and choose a different location. We also highly recommend backing up your computer before making any changes to software. If you have any uncertainties about this, our blog post should help.

Other known issues in Version 3.1.0 which are not fixed in this update;-
– help menu files not appearing on macOS – in the meantime please see our User Manual on the Support page of our website
– Stitchmastery behaving slowly when editing large charts
– an issue with regular fonts being rendered strangely when exporting to image in macOS Catalina

We are working on these issues and will issue another update once they are solved.

As ever, if you have any problems, please do check our Ravelry discussion board to see if the query has already been answered, visit the Support page on our website, or email us

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