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Stitchmastery Version 3.2.2 is now available

We’re pleased to let you know we have released an updated version of Stitchmastery – Version 3.2.2 can be downloaded here. This update is offered FREE to all Stitchmastery users.

Version 3.2.2 has the following changes from version 3.2.1:

* Added symbols for 2/6, 4/5 and 5/4 cables. Note that only symbols have been added and NOT the cable stitches themselves.

* Corrected an issue with the exported output text for flat two pass charts.

* Corrected an issue with the Help file content.

* A further update of the system files, on which Stitchmastery is built, to their latest versions.

Without regular updates, changes to operating systems mean that glitches and bugs begin to affect any software and Stitchmastery is not an exception to this. It represents many months of work to implement the new features as well as updating the system libraries so that Stitchmastery continues to run on new versions of operating systems. Along with many other businesses, we have seen significant increases in costs. As we are also aware that many small knitwear design businesses and individuals are also under cost pressures, this update will be free, but we are currently reviewing whether this can always be the case. If you value the work that we do at Stitchmastery to provide this update and ongoing support, and are in a position to be able to donate towards ongoing development, please consider making a contribution using our new Kofi account.

Version 3.2.0 has the following changes:

* Added a function to import an image and pixelate it to create a colourwork chart (chart from image tutorial on YouTube).

* Added Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift and Jamieson and Smith 2-ply Jumper Weight colour palette drawers to the palette, and improved the layout options for the existing Colours drawer (changing yarn drawer layout tutorial on YouTube).

* Added support for two-pass (ie two colour/two yarn) charts. For charts worked flat, two RS rows are worked followed by two WS rows. For charts worked in the round, alternate yarns/colours are used for each round. This style of charting is commonly used for two-colour brioche knitting but can also be used for some style of slip stitch knitting where two yarns / colours are used on alternate rows. It was called ‘mosaic’ knitting (probably erroneously) in previous versions of Stitchmastery. The difference now is that the row labels give more information about the yarn / colour (eg LC/DC for light colour & dark colour) to be used that row / round and the side of the work that is facing the knitter (eg LS/DS). Support is provided to migrate from the previous ‘mosaic’ style charts to ‘two-pass’ charts if desired. This is not mandatory. (Guidance for two-pass charts: from point 11)

* Added a preference option to not have row IDs move inwards when ‘no stitch edges’ are hidden on a chart.

* Added a Deactivation dialog so that users can deactivate Stitchmastery if needed (deactivating Stitchmastery tutorial on YouTube).

* In the Edit Stitch Detail dialog, the list of stitches in the Wrong Side and Mirror drop-down boxes are now sorted alphabetically.

* In the Replace Stitch Type dialog, the list of replacement stitches are now sorted alphabetically.

* Help files are now visible on macOS.

* Fixed issue with missing umlaut in the German text templates.

* Fixed issue with grid highlighting not being correct for hidden rows.

* Many of the system files upon which Stitchmastery is built have been updated to the latest versions which fixes several issues caused by Windows, macOS and Linux updates. Specifically this means that several glitches to the user interface are fixed in macOS and that image export glitches on Linux are fixed. Also performance enhancements.

* Java is now embedded with Stitchmastery on Linux.

* A download is now provided for macOS Silicon machines. If you have a macOS machine with an Apple Silicon chip then please use the Silicon download file. For older macOS machines with Intel chips please use the non-Silicon download file.

Before you download

Please note that we highly recommend ensuring your Stitchmastery chart files (.knt2) and library files (.smlib), along with any exported images or text, are not stored in the Stitchmastery folder which contains the application, icon, configurations folder, etc. This is because the uninstaller in the updated version may delete the Stitchmastery folder and all it contains – you should save your working files in a separate folder. If you want to keep your previous version of the software, use the New Folder option when running the download and choose a different location. We also highly recommend backing up your computer before making any changes to software. If you have any uncertainties about this, our blog post should help.

Note that chart files either created or edited in Version 3.2.2 cannot be opened in earlier versions of Stitchmastery. If you share chart files with other Stitchmastery users who haven’t upgraded, you could run both versions on your computer. You can find out how to do each of those here: NB this is not a general recommendation unless you have the need of it, as it increases the potential for confusion when opening chart files.

How to download

If you are already running Version 3 fully activated (ie you don’t see “Demo” in the drawing area and are able to save/export charts) you do NOT need to buy a new Activation key. Just download the new version of software and input your existing Version 3 key if prompted. If you have misplaced the email containing your key, you can log into your Stitchmastery account to check it – follow the My Account link at the bottom of the website.

If you are currently running version 1 or version 2 fully activated, you will need to buy a Version 3 Activation Key if you want the full mode (this is free for existing customers) – please add the key to your cart (via our Shop page) and then put your V1 or V2 activation key in the Coupon Code section. This should set the price to £0/ $0. If you have any problem with the coupon code or can’t find your V1 or V2 activation key, please email support [at] with as many details as possible (eg email address used to purchase, payment method, date of purchase) so that we can identify your purchase and send you the code. Once you have a Version 3 Activation Key, download the software and you’ll be prompted for your key when you have installed it.

If you have never bought a full activation, you can download the new version of the software from the link above and it will run in demo mode. Please note we will be increasing the cost of Stitchmastery activation keys from 6th May 2024 to £70/90$, so if you are considering buying full activation, you may want to do that sooner rather than later. This price increase will not affect customers who have previously bought an activation key and are already running the software in full mode.

Need help?

If you have any problems, please do check our Ravelry discussion board and Zendesk forum to see if the query has already been answered. If not (or if you have a specific problem relating to your own activation) please either submit a ticket request via our Zendesk help centre or email us on

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