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Borders and Repeats – tutorial from Joeli Kelly

We’re delighted to share another Stitchmastery tutorial from Joeli Kelly of www.joelicreates.com “In this post we are going to talk about borders and repeats. To create a repeat, the first thing you’re going to do is select the stitches you want to place in the repeat. You can just click one stitch, hold shift, clickContinue Reading

“Going Both Ways” – guest post by Kate Atherley

“As a designer, you likely have a strong personal preference as to whether you work from charts or written instructions in a pattern. (And since you’re here, I think I know what the answer is!) Knitters have equally strong feelings, too – and their opinion doesn’t always match yours. Whether a knitter prefers charts orContinue Reading

Editing the key – tutorial from Joeli Kelly

We have a guest post for you today from Joeli of www.joelicreates.com. “In this post we are going to talk about the key and different ways you might want to edit this key. The first thing you might want to do is change one of the entries. I previously showed you in the video aboutContinue Reading

How to add a Repeat or Border to a Stitchmastery chart

A little while ago I wrote gave some examples of how ‘Borders’ and ‘Repeats’ could be added to a Stitchmastery chart (Repeats and Borders on a Stitchmastery chart) and the differences that these made to both the visual appearance of the chart and to the written instructions that Stitchmastery automatically generates. The bottom line: ifContinue Reading

Get creative with lace knitting stitches.

How you ever thumbed through a stitch dictionary looking for exactly the right stitch pattern for a knitting project that you had in mind? Perhaps you have found a stitch patterns that’s almost right but not quite there? Or perhaps you want to find a stitch pattern that’s different from any that you’ve seen? InContinue Reading