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We’ve Photo of Kate Atherley. She is wearing a blue shirt and striking dark-framed glasses, and smiling at the camera.adopted Stitchmastery as the official charting software here at Knitty. That should say a lot… I love that the legend is fully editable and customizable, so that if I want to add some extra detail to a stitch description, I can… Easy to use, flexible, powerful and affordable. We love it.
Kate Atherley, Technical Editor of Knitty – via Knitty review


I Photo of a woman smiling to the camera.would not be able to create most of my patterns without the custom stitches. Other than a few basic stitches, my cabled patterns are almost completely custom stitches. Having each stitch catalogued so thoroughly in Stitchmastery saves me a lot of time.
Mary R Martin, Designer – via Stitchmastery interview
Photo of Birger Berge. He wears a shirt and colourwork knitted bowtie and smiles to the camera.

Photo copyright: ToveLise Mossestad

I was looking for a simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing stitch software when I started working on my book. I found all this in Stitchmastery.
Birger Berge, Designer – via Stitchmastery interview
…I loved the Photo of a woman smiling to the cameracharts it makes. They are aesthetically pleasing and clean looking. I love that there is an option to get rid of the no stitch edges…there are so many reasons why I chose to use Stitchmastery.
Mara Licole, Designer – via Stitchmastery interview
Photo of Luise O'Neill wearing sunglasses and standing in front of a lighthouse on a bright sunny day.Another very happy Stitchmastery user here. The program is fantastic, support is way beyond expectation and funkyorange [Cathy] is actively developing the software.
Luise O’Neill, Designer – via Ravelry
Photo of Amelia Hodsdon.I have been using the “chart diagram from written instructions” feature a lot over the past couple of months, to create charts for a client who doesn’t enjoy that side of things, and it’s a very useful feature.
Amelia Hodsdon, Tech Editor – via Stitchmastery interview
Stitchmastery is my favourite because it offers so much. It has every stitch you could imagine from cables to brioche to Estonian. Apparently, you can create your own custom stitches too, although I haven’t needed to do that yet because they offer everything I need. The written instructions are written up as you create the chart, which is so handy! It means that I can easily offer both written and charted stitch instructions without much effort.
Clare Mountain-Manipon, Designer – via Sister Mountain blog review

A selection of publications using Stitchmastery charts

Book cover: Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen
Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen
Book cover: Knitting Outside the Box by Bristol Ivy
Knitting Outside the Box by Bristol Ivy
Book cover: A Knitter's Sketchbook by Emma Vining
A Knitter's Sketchbook by Emma Vining

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