Update 1.0.3 available for Knitting Chart Editor

An update for the Knitting Chart Editor is now available.

To install this update;-

  1. Start up the Knitting Chart Editor.
  2. Select Tools > Install updates from the main menu
  3. The software checks for available updates and shows a dialog box listing the available updates. Select version 1.0.3 and follow the prompts.
  4. When prompted be sure to agree to the restart of the software so that the new update is incorporated properly.

This update applies to the demo version too.

Note that there is now a preference page where you can configure when the software will check for updates. This is set to manual at present but you can set it so that it checks for a fresh update every time you start the software.

Level 1.0.3 fixes the following problems;-

  • The order of entries in the key can be changed by dragging them up or down. Pay attention to the location of the mouse though as the drag is quite sensitive to this. It needs to be between key entries for the ‘drop’ to work. I hope to make this less sensitive in the future.
  • The pesky little bug that I introduced in version 1.0.2 that stopped the ‘Copy dragging’ working properly is now squished.