Update 1.2.0 available for Knitting Chart Editor

An update for the Knitting Chart Editor is now available.

To install this update;-

1) Start up the Knitting Chart Editor.
2) Select Tools > Install updates from the main menu
3) The software checks for available updates and shows a dialog box listing the available updates. Select version 1.2.0 and follow the prompts.
4) When prompted be sure to agree to the restart of the software so that the new update is incorporated properly.

Update 1.2.0 implemented the following features / fixed the following bugs;-

  • The Export to Image feature has no been updated so that users can specify the size of the image to be output. For PNG and JPEG formats the resolution of the image (Dots per Inch) can now be specified, although users should note that the SVG vector format will always give better image quality than bitmapped formats such as PNG and JPEG. Support for GIF and BMP formats has been removed as the PNG and JPEG formats are superior in all respects.
  • Users can now set a chart to have negative column numbers. Whay would you possibly want to do that?? See the example charts below.
  • Fixed a bug where the chart is incorrect after a ‘Place Selected Stitches into Repeat’ command if more than one row is selected.


Negative Column Numbers.

This is a new feature introduced to support charts where a wide stitch such as a cable, clustered stitch, etc. is at the beginning of a pattern repeat and needs to ‘borrow’ stitches from the end of the previous pattern repeat. In this case the additional ‘borrowed stitches’ do not really add up to extra columns but space is needed on the chart as if they did.

For example, in this chart a 2 x 1 rib has cables that cross over the ribs.

A knitting chart for 2 x 1 rib with cable crosses


There are 9 columns labelled 1 to 9 as the pattern repeat is 9 stitches wide. However in Row 12, the cable stitch borrows 2 stitches from the previous repeat / round. Hence, on the chart it is 2 stitches wider, although it is still 9 stitches that are worked.

With previous versions of the Knitting Chart Editor this would have been impossible to chart neatly whilst still having meaningful column numbers.

Now, with negative column numbers it can be done. This is the same chart but before various bits are ‘hidden’.

Chart for 2 x 1 rib and cables with 'no stitches' and column ids visible

The ‘no stitches’ are visible and you can see that there are really 12 columns in the chart. The right-most columns are numbered 0 and -1 but these column ids are then hidden. Hence the visible columns begin their numbering at 1.

In order to hide any row or column id, select the appropriate rows/columns, then select Edit > Hide Row/Column Id from the main menu.

To hide the ‘no stitches’, select Edit > Hide No Stitch Edges from the main menu.