Update 1.3.0 available for Knitting Chart Editor

An update for the Knitting Chart Editor is now available.

To install this update;-

1) Start up the Knitting Chart Editor.
2) Select Tools > Install updates from the main menu
3) The software checks for available updates and shows a dialog box listing the available updates. Select version 1.3.0 and follow the prompts.
4) When prompted be sure to agree to the restart of the software so that the new update is incorporated properly.

Update 1.3.0 implemented the following features / fixed the following bugs;-

  • The Save As, Export as Text and Export as Image dialogs all now have the ability to remember the last folder used and initialise the dialog folder field as appropriate. This can be activated via the preference setting at Tools > Preferences > Knitting Chart Editor > Remember Last Used Folder. When deactivated, the folder fields are initialised to the folder containing the .knit file.
  • A Fill Mode feature has now been implemented. If stitches are selected when a stitch or colour is selected in either the key or the palette, then the selected stitches are filled with the appropriate stitch / colour. This also applies to rows and charts. This featured can be activated / deactivated via the preference setting at Tools > Preferences > Knitting Chart Editor > Fill Mode Active. A shortcut icon on the toolbar allows quick activation/deactivation of the Fill Mode.
  • The Recently Opened Files list is now persisted even when the Knitting Chart Editor is closed and reopened. This list (if not empty) can be found on the File menu between the Print and Exit options. The maximum number of entries on this list can be set via the preference setting at Tools > Preferences > Knitting Chart Editor > Workspace Options > Size of recently opened files list.
  • The Edit Stitch Appearance dialog has been redesigned so that it’s layout responds appropriately to the user resizing the dialog. This makes it much easier / possible (!) to use the dialog on small screens such as those of netbooks. The unicode field is now editable so that users can also enter the appropriate text in order to create a custom stitch.
  • Added a ‘Getting Started tutorial to the help files as well as some sample charts and an overview of the Knitting Chart Editor main window.
  • Fixed a bug where the the row and column numbers are not in the correct position after the font has been changed.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Edit Font feature did not work when it should have done.