Update 1.4.0 available for Knitting Chart Editor

An update for the Knitting Chart Editor is now available.

To install this update;-

1) Start up the Knitting Chart Editor.
2) Select Tools > Install updates from the main menu
3) The software checks for available updates and shows a dialog box listing the available updates. Select version 1.4.0 and follow the prompts.
4) When prompted be sure to agree to the restart of the software so that the new update is incorporated properly.

Update 1.4.0 implemented the following features / fixed the following bugs;-

  • The Open feature can now open several .knit diagram files at once if they are in the same folder.
  • The Select feature has now been upgraded so that the user can use it to Select All Charts, Select the Key or Select Alternate rows. This feature makes editing much quicker. For example when coupled with the Fill Mode feature that was introduced in update 1.3.0 alternate rows of a large lace chart can be easily selected and then filled with a highlight colour to enable the knitter to quickly find their place. This feature is available via the Select icon on the toolbar.
  • Negative row numbers have now been introduced to match the negative column numbers introduced in update 1.2.0.
  • When combining colours with stitch symbols, the Knitting Chart Editor now automatically detects if the colour is too dark for the stitch symbol to show up. It then changes the colour of the stitch symbol to white. This is a feature that can be turned off via the preference page at Preferences > Knitting Chart Editor > Appearance. In that case the stitch symbol colour is always black. Custom background and foreground colours can still be set for a particular custom stitch.
  • Fixed a bug where the background colour of custom stitches is always set to white so that custom stitches could not be painted with colour correctly.